Diverse hiring through transformative machine learning

Ditto33 helps companies meet hiring targets through unique software that rewrites job descriptions to attract diverse candidates.


Data Analytics

Based on gathered data, ditto33 helps improve your job descriptions to reach diverse candidates.

Machine Learning

Ditto33 uses machine learning to help identify the best phrasing to attract qualified candidates.

Advanced Targeting

Ditto33 showcases which demographics are likely to be interested in your job through advanced targeting.

Increasing Diversity

By using ditto33, you can make your company's workforce more diverse starting immediately in the hiring process. Tools included help you reach both female and ethnic minority candidates faster and more effectively.

Enhanced Candidate Pool

By rewriting your job descriptions, not only do you benefit candidates from diverse backgrounds, but you also help yourself increase the number of candidates who apply to your positions


Fair Pricing

Optimised Model

Team Collaboration